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[分享] BG2中的三种召唤魔剑

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5 z1 F3 C7 b, w’ v& P3 U: n0 T文章出处:BF Clan  作者:windias  发布时间:2005-05-01
5 `0 @- S, Z4 y& a  y+ O. g    p: p/ C* m9 q6 h” n7 i% i
Mordenkainen’s Sword (Evocation) ‘ X2 N’ b  e0 H  J, Y1 {) e
Level: 7
” u( z. P* o5 K; _Range: 0
. v+ W! X! d” m$ 6 fDuration: 1 round/level / `8 Q  n3 S% [  s
Casting Time: 7; ^1 k+ d6 M6 E( ~
Area of Effect: Special
7 R* k0 ~” o6 t8 t6 D/ I2 PSaving Throw: None 9 m! h! g  h% }0 F
) [; C- H# T4 m; Z% o, m9 ) f4 4 b  k
Upon casting this spell, the wizard brings into being a shimmering, swordlike plane of force that leaps into the wizards hands. The sword acts as a +4 weapon in all respects, as well it inflicts 5-20 damage when a successful attack is made in combat. Once the spell is cast the sword will float in the air completely under the control of the caster. Note that this does not prevent the caster from doing any other actions during the spell duration.‘ |4 o; k) J: N

– c1 w, p! G  Y
– s) D. X+ Q# E/ R; v/ r5 V1 M# j5 }! R9 I0 S0 ]
Long Sword +2: Ras, The Dancing Blade6 G$ r5 h( h% W/ B% N% V
Beroalf was a barbarian who traveled from the cold north in search of adventure. He sought treasures and glory, but soon all he wanted were companions to share in the excitement of battle, much like those he had left behind in his faraway village. Unfortunately, his coarse remarks and rudimentary hygiene repelled most travelers he met, until he expressed his thoughts to a sympathetic mage. The mage, for a price, constructed Ras, the dancing blade. Though not quite what Beroalf had in mind, he was thrilled nonetheless, and wielded the sword for many years. How they were ultimately separated is not known.
” M& o* P4 ^* R; e6 J, q. Y& N0 L( ~
” W* J! N0 D; m2 }. @! ISTATISTICS:manbet网页登录/ k9 a( a& u” ]9 J& {
* v% V1 r% K5 s4 s9 J5 y
Special Abilities: Dancing sword can attack on its own for 4 rounds.2 e) o. l0 t% M3 N. r( p& ~) x1 I
THACO: +2 bonus& A% R6 Z6 U8 ^- q3 L6 d9 L
Damage: 1D8 +2* v& d( |: @/ t
Damage type: slashing
5 @, n$ P# W2 n5 P$ t3 gWeight: 3! s9 l; g& p5 M# P0 O
Speed Factor: 3– h. {$ F2 k’ `2 # C1 O
Proficiency Type: Long sword0 l4 B6 l/ ]’ X) N4 |
Type: 1-handed+ Q0 P& q0 d/ U! K8 @
Requires: 6 Strength
) v5 X; ~: Z, B8 jNot Usable By:
  Z5 v6 C9 R/ u! Q& M% M5 K’ O* MDruid  G. S+ ~’ U2 h  B
Cleric* k- D% l” O& t0 q
Mage2 i! M  w- S  H1 w
( ~! ^& N* e  T+ U7 b! G” X4 r  r
6 J3 r8 d; f) x1 N

4 @- ^& a4 }( r% iSpectral Brand +4
. L7 [: u+ w: @! cLegend has it that the the souls of those who fall beneath this dark blade are forever enslaved, and can be summoned to fight invisibly at the side of the very one who defeated them.
& }7 n6 l* p2 Y
+ c4 i) N2 G! V7 _1 vSTATISTICS:  R5 b8 M2 Y0 L0 P

+ O3 w1 b2 ~& ?! ^- O7 t$ qSpecial Abilities:
, H1 ^& v3 m7 A9 @. q$ J3 M! x( L% a* c1 U! w
Summon spectral blade once/day. This dancing sword fights on behalf of the one who wields Spectral Brand for 4 rounds, attacking once per round and doing 1D8+3 damage with each hit.
1 r) C# I” K3 R. k/ [4 }. q
& G2 K2 {& g, g% q” Q7 j$ kDamage: 1D8 +4, +1D4 cold damage
0 g0 I. E4 a2 n$ `THAC0: +49 |2 }6 j( d) h( H
Damage type: slashing
4 M” r+ T8 Z8 ?’ D2 T4 P  l1 S7 aWeight: 2
) W* F+ E’ k” c1 TSpeed Factor: 1
# x! V) ?% H: {1 N  a# y2 UProficiency Type: Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninja-To
– t” F+ y; F$ l1 S/ kType: 1-handed& I9 b& h8 @7 ^( I2 i
Requires: 8 Strength( 3 r’ F/ P2 m& U
Not Usable By:
% g’ ]/ E9 q) a+ vCleric1 k: o6 L0 Z. 7 A
( C3 b/ N( 5 K5 [* }; f# u三把魔剑的共同点:/ D% N& @* ]! G1 k. S; K8 S
HP 36
, I/ R4 ?: l9 O& U+ E# hAC -20– , G) G2 ?2 n. C7 S$ |3 t
number of attacks 1‘ M: k0 [6 U! @7 [3 a
+ c# @’ Q3 Z1 {3 h6 `* i* ~, o; j! v0 G所有物理伤害抗力100%
2 o) O3 Y3 X3 @  _6 Q& X7 ^
3 c* w; [; ]8 f1 k& J9 H不同点:7 n8 b: ^# @- A7 w3 K# f7 J: |
1.; X* s( j* o% j/ {
Mordenkainen’s Sword无魔免,而另外两把魔免100%,这意味着前者可以被无属性伤害杀死。注意其HP是很低的,两发MM都顶不住。0 A( g& f: s* O- w/ g3 ~) l

2 r2 m: ]: s2 q2.
6 n) F) x5 X6 h8 U每把魔剑都“装备”不同武器
– P” ~/ W’ I8 S7 p3 D) h  _Mordenkainen’s Sword使用Mordenkainen’s Sword+5
# `: c$ p1 w$ k) sRas使用Ras+2: c2 |! v) S$ e) t: ” F/ ]
Spectral Brand使用的其实是Water’s Edge+3
, i: }- g, N’ m区别不用多说吧” s. h6 Z! z2 S! [

/ k% O1 n- V7 d4 H2 d9 }6 p1 B3.! u, u7 I5 {$ t. ?9 C9 P
Modenkainen’s Sword的持续时间为1round/lvl
‘ M; O$ a’ }+ i- q- @( [. V6 B另两把只能持续4round
5 u9 O0 m1 v7 B; U
/ o: _* G5 v5 G4 j4.
‘ |) y/ o$ T  D9 L依靠绿石护符免疫状态异常% S7 N% V’ A! X4 ^, ?8 V
Ras和Spectral Brand使用MINHP1(?)项链免疫状态异常
) {: I$ d! ~( H- ~4 R2 I2 W) o0 x, M1 T& b. K2 }$ C$ i
5.( l8 N! o# l% n( E8 s’ Y
Modenkainen’s Sword的属性12/9/9/30/9/18
) J* h* p0 {! S( u: V) k3 Z; A另两把12/9/9/13/9/186 s& ~: C) s$ c* @6 {4 Y+ h

3 y4 I( a’ W9 b  F$ Z9 x6.‘ K* @! X5 A- {2 4 D
Modenkainen’s Sword的Gender为Summoned
0 u5 A9 J” X$ x! ~9 r’ i( d另两把为Illusion5 k8 M% L$ f+ w9 e
不知道这个值是不是Death Spell和True Sight影响的依据。5 W1 f* Q+ n6 y! @
) n/ @/ Q- b5 H
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